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Resources for Vendors, Artists, and Craftspeople


Midnight Madness (mid-July) and First Fridays (Four dates July through October)

Any merchant is allowed to set up vendor space in front of their own shop during Midnight Madness or First Fridays, but only for their own products or for a outside vendor that sells their product in that merchant’s shop.  Example: Bringing You Vermont can offer space in front of their business to Tom Lyon to sell his sculptures, because they sell his products.  However, they cannot offer space to someone selling “Tupperware” for example. 

During Midnight Madness School Street is closed to traffic to allow crafter/vendors/artists to set-up.  There is a small charge for that event, unless you are a member of the Downtown Marketplace (see info below)  

Fees for artists are waived.

To participate Contact BBC at 442-5758 or

Mayfest (last weekend in May)– Applications become available online at on January 2nd of each year.

Business owners follow the same rules as for Midnight Madness.           

All crafters/artisans who want to set-up in the street must submit an application via the BBC website.  All items must be hand-made by the person in the booth or by an immediate family member.  This is the only juried event of the year.

Fallapalooza!  (first weekend in October)– Applications become available online at on August 1st of each year. 

Fees for artists are waived.

Small Business Saturday- All activities takes place indoors

To participate Contact BBC at 442-5758 or

Open Studio Weekend - (Late October and Late May) 

These events are hosted by the Vermont Crafts Council.  More information can be found here:

The BAAC will work to publicize any participating artists from Bennington County.  



Downtown Marketplace - The “Downtown Marketplace” group of vendors includes any type of product vendor or crafter.  They set-up during most downtown events.  By becoming a member of the group (for a fee) you can participate in all BBC events.  However, since the BBC waives fees for artists (except during Mayfest) it may not be financially worth the membership.       




Busking and performances of all kinds are encouraged during all events and throughout the year, but the BBC does not have a budget to pay for the talent.  We can provide space and power all performances.  

The BBC manages locations to help avoid any conflicts, and encourage buskers to set-up in areas that have the heaviest pedestrian traffic as long as they don’t block access.      

Contact BBC at 442-5758 or

The Main Stage at Merchants Park – Coming in the spring of 2020 this stage will be available for all performers.  The schedule will be managed at the BBC.  We have no budget YET! But we would like to see performers sponsored by the municipality and corporations.  We will be working on the details throughout the winter. 

Contact BBC at 442-5758 or

Plein Air – encouraged anytime, anywhere!  Contact BBC at 442-5758 or if there is anything we can do to help.  The only requirement is that egress on a sidewalk or public passage cannot be blocked.

Artist Marketplace- hosted by The Vermont Arts Exchange at the Masonic Lodge.  All artisans should contact Matthew for details: (802) 442-5549


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